Welcome to St. Angela School

St. Angela School (SAS) is a private girls’ school. The conception of single-sex education allows for a well-rounded and homogeneous imparting of knowledge according to the students’ mental age. SAS continues the over 100-year-old tradition of the Ursulines in Königstein with St. Hildegard School Ltd. as its provider. The sole partner is the diocese of Limburg.

As a state-approved school, SAS sticks to the education act and the curriculum of Hessen. High school diplomas and school-leaving examinations meet the same standards required of state schools. As a Catholic school, SAS is in accordance with the basic regulations for Catholic schools in Hessen; religious education is obligatory.

SAS consists of a three-form entry grammar school and a two-form entry junior high school. Junior high school and grammar school are independent courses of education which are meant to be an organisational and pedagogic unit.
Students use the same classrooms and subject-specific rooms and are taught by the same teachers. SAS intensively supports the sense community and fosters students’ awareness of their being members of the same school.